Deconsolidation of CMS underway

Jim Taylor the Mayor of Matthews and Ted Biggers the Mayor of Mint Hill has started discussions on Deconsolidating CMS into three systems.

First a little background:  Suburban Students get around 4 thousand in funding, Urban Students get 12 to 15 up Thousand per student in funding.

All the over crowded classes (35 or more) in CMS are in the Suburban Schools.  Not one Urban School has a class that is overcrowded.

And now the system wants to limit class size to 16 in the Urban Schools.

And now the Board wants to take the 28 percent of remaining white students and bus them.

Click here for more information on the effort to Deconsolidate

If the Urban System is created the largest tax base is center city and they do not want to have to shoulder the tax burden all on their own, that is why they want suburban taxpayers to keep paying for all this mess.

The fact is our center city folks have spent and spent on toys and the like that we have done nothing but pay for over and over.  Same with our schools, center city folks did that millions for the Westside schools and all it did was waste money.

This will help all kids get a real education and a real future.  It will help all kids by getting a system that has to focus on just the needs they have and stop using the suburban grades and the like to make things look better for CMS.

CMS has always said it is an Urban system like Chicago and NY, so now is the time to make sure it is just that, they system they want to be, a real Urban System and let the suburban schools become responsive systems on their own.

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