October 19, 2019

Treating Citizens like dirt just for sport?

For a week we tried to get you the financial information on spending per student in all the schools so we could understand how the financial decisions are made in our area and others.

It seem AKESHA CRAVEN‐ HOWELL a sub super or something like that, feels CMS is the only entity privy to that information.

Below is her salary along with others to give you an idea of how great it is to be in the top office.  Thanks Charlotte Observer

Akeshia E. Craven-Howell Assc Supt, Student Assgnmnt & Schl Choice School Options, Innov & Design $170,274.45 $95,694.24
Shauna McCarthy Howell Teacher, K-6 Starmount Academy $47,176.30 $47,476.30
Sharonna L. Howell Teacher, Middle Grades Math Sedgefield Middle $42,891.30 $42,891.30
Johnny D. Howell Mechanic, Equipment Building Services $42,848.00 $42,848.00
Lavinia K. Howell Technician, Transportation Operations Transportation $40,185.60 $40,185.60
Elizabeth T. Howell Secretary Crestdale Middle $28,345.60 $28,345.60
Howell J. Montgomery Custodian, Head II Thomasboro Academy $27,518.40 $27,518.40
Rosel Howell Manager, Cafeteria Trainee-External Child Nutrition Director $25,008.80 $25,008.80
Paula R. Howell Assistant, Teacher K-3 Reid Park Academy $23,655.00 $23,745.60
Estelle D. Howell Assistant, Teacher K-3 Hidden Valley Elementary $22,500.00 $22,585.98
Dotha A. Howell Assistant, Teacher K-3 Reid Park Academy $20,565.00 $20,721.48
Linda K. Howell Cafeteria Worker, Part Time Harding University High $14,399.00 $14,599.00
Pamela K. Howell Cafeteria Worker, Part Time Paw Creek Elementary $14,399.00 $14,399.00
Danishia R. Howell Cafeteria Worker, Part Time Barringer Elementary $11,980.00 $12,180.00
Erma B. Howell Cafeteria Worker, Part Time J. H. Gunn Elementary $11,430.00 $11,430.00

And is it not strange that she has no teacher experience? From the CMS website

Akeshia Craven-Howell became an assistant superintendent for school options and
innovation for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in 2014. It is her second job with
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools; previously, she was executive director of
In her work as assistant superintendent, she is responsible for developing strategy
to increase access to high-quality magnet and Career and Technical Education
(CTE) programs and middle and early college schools in the district, as well as
developing new programs.’
“We provide families choice by offering a range of school options characterized by
innovative and well-defined themes, programs of study and school models,”
Craven-Howell said. “Our goal is that all students have equitable access to choice
within their communities.”
Craven-Howell began her career working with engineering and consulting firms in
Raleigh and Evanston, Illinois. At Asea Brown Boveri in Illinois, she worked as a
marketing consultant and sales engineer in the electricity marketing division. At
The Alford Group in Raleigh, she led consulting teams to provide strategy
management and development solutions in the not-for-profit sector.
She moved to the Chicago Public Schools in 2005, working as a project manager
for high school transformation, a senior manager in instructional leadership, a chief
area officer for high schools and an officer for pathways to college and career. She
joined Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in 2013.
A native of Raleigh, she has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from
North Carolina State University and a master’s of business administration from the
Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. She has also
completed the Broad Center’s Residency in Urban Education.