November 13, 2019

HB514 The end of times are here

Recently HB514 was approved after a year plus in the making.

This bill gives more control of Education to four of the small towns in Mecklenburg County.

What this bill really does is make CMS step up and start giving FUTURES to all STUDENTS in Mecklenburg County.

But we waited to see all the horrid things the media and those who made or make off of keeping the system as failing as it currently is going.

Now we know that wanting Schools that actually educate is not what folks want, they want to control and the ability to belittle anyone who dares question them.

Go on Twitter and look up #HB514 See the parade of media looking for anyone who is spewing anything bad about the towns.

Oh and be sure to note how many are former elected officials and note they all share one thing in common, they were all failures while in office. So why are they so upset today?